Research Project WINTERLIFE (EN)

Vienna, March 2020:

The FFG research project Winterlife aims at developing effective, sustainable and non-aggressive de-icing agents for winter maintenance with TU Vienna for OEBB and BMVIT thus minimizing damage due to frost and de-icing salt on the railway infrastructure

Often, small ice crystals develop more power than tons of horsepower.

Project title

Winter maintenance with effective, sustainable and non-aggressive de-icing agents as well as optimal LIFE cycle costs for the rail infrastructure




Research project (FFG-Call VIF2018)


September 2019 to August 2021


Vienna University of Technology Institutes of Transportation & Material Chemistry with Tender development and scientific/project management

Project goals

WINTERLIFE aims to develop and use tested, environmentally compatible and non-aggressive de-icing agents for a more effective and sustainable winter maintenance.

  • CRITERIA #1 - Harmless to humans / animals / plants

  • CRITERIA #2 - Minimal damage to transport infrastructure (steel, concrete)

  • CRITERIA #3 - Equivalent thawing capacity compared to Sodium Chloride

  • CRITERIA #4 - Lowest possible application rates

  • CRITERIA #5 - Simple handling and spreading

  • CRITERIA #6 - Low costs and good availability on the market

workpackages and resonsibilities


The project is carried out according to the following schedule within 6 work packages


Based on the previous winter maintenance research by the contractors, corresponding results are expected by August 2021, which, however, can only be published after the project has been completed and the clients have given approval.